Benefit of a group

Groups have the benefit that an administrator can add a new user to a group and this user will inherit automatically every topic and briefing that the group follows or subscribes to. This way a new user does not start with an empty dashboard. 

The benefit for the administrator is that he/she can add users to multiple topics and briefings with a single action – adding the user to a group.

Why you cant unsubscribe or unfollow group users from individual topics or briefings

To guarantee the integrity and the management of groups no user in the group can unsubscribe or unfollow from topics or briefings individually. The only way to do this is to remove the user from the group. As long as a user stays in a group he will inherit everything without exceptions that the group subscribes or follows.

As you can see in this figure. The topics and briefings that a group is subscribed to or follows is in the system a cohesive group entity. A member of a group cannot unsubscribe or unfollow from individual topics or briefings the group follows or subscribes. The only way to accomplish this is to remove the user from the group and subscribe or follow him to the briefings and topics individually that he /she wants to follow and receive briefings of. 

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