Quotes specify a string of characters that should be searched for exactly as specified. 

That allows related words to be kept together so you can search for an exact phrase, instead of separate words. Therefore we could search on

“coach house apartments”

(with quotes) and only results with those 3 words in that exact order will show up. Whether or not each of the three words is capitalized or not usually doesn’t matter, it’s not case sensitive. 

However if the apartments were referred to as coach house apts, coach house apartment, coach house luxury apartments or coach house rental apartments, we would miss that mention. So it’s not the best solution if there is ever any variation in your brand name or keywords.

Combining quotes with our basic Boolean search operators could be used to keep the coach house brand name words together since the name of the apartments will always be those two words in that exact order. 

Then we can add our apartments word as an additional term to search for, which will take care of the case of mentions such as coach house rental apartments.

“coach house” AND apartments

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