You can use Google searches and create an RSS feed for it that you can add than to Attensa. Below are the steps to accomplish this

Prerequisite: you need to have a Google account.

Enter the search term in the google search box and select the “News” category (this is the only category that allows to create RSS feeds)

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Select the “Create alert” Button

On the result page select the “Show option” drop down

Change the “Deliver to” option to RSS feed and select "Create Alert" which drops you into your manage my alert page:

The Alert you just created is on the top. Right click on the RSS icon and select “Copy link address”

If you left click on the RSS icon itself it will create a Google specific plug-in address that can’t be processed by Attensa.
Go to Attensa and select +RSS source under the Admin tab

Paste the copied link address into the “Add RSS” box and select “Search”. Save your Feed and you will be transferred to the Feed admin page. Where you might to change the name, assign the source to a category and add a description.

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