We recommend the Feedity service for this. https://feedity.com/.
They currently have a special that let you create 150 feeds for less than $19 per month.
In the Feedity home page paste the URL of the page you want to monitor and crate a feed for

Select the “Preview" button. It will display the selected page. Select the content you want to display as a title and all similar content on the page will be highlighted in yellow

In this example select the date option in the "Visual Selector" and select the date area of an article on the page. All the dates on that page will now be highlighted in yellow.

Select the “Save feed" function at top right.

Copy the Feed URL and in Attensa select "+Sources"  / Create RSS source and paste the feed URL in the Add RSS box

Select "Save" and now you have created an RSS feed from that Webpage. Feedity will now check every hour if new content is added based on the HTML structure that we defined for the page through the visual selector

Note: some pages are more complex and requiring to use the advanced feed creation tools in Feedity. To use the advanced Feedity tools you have to be an HTML expert.

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